the band


Ash Kemeny - Lead Vocals

Ash started singing straight outta the vag gates and never quit.  The band was instantly impressed by her powerful voice and wise-beyond-years affinity for classic talents like Ann Wilson and Whitesnake.  They later realized that legends were true- they had only heard tales of singers who were also WILLING to apply efforts off the mic, like help move gear- and Ash was one of them!  Add to that her minor gym addiction, meaning she can out-lift most of the guys and it was a dream come true.  Like catching a Unicorn, they had manifested the vocalist they were wishing for and the roadie of their dreams all rolled into one.     

Yuji Suzuki - Guitars, Back Ground Vocals

Yuji eats, sleeps, breathes and plays guitar and anything shaped like a guitar when he's not busy being a wizard. He hails from Hiroshima, Japan which, given the atomic radiation in his genes, accounts for his massive cock and unusual height for an Asian.

Dayvid Swart

Dayvid has been smashing the drums for so long his spine has become fused to his stool which has been hard for his career as a Postman, so clearly he was destined for the drums.
He loves three things in this world: his dog, all things horror, and Yuji.

Richie Lee Derksen - Bass, Back Ground Vocals

Richie plays bass for EH but is musically inclined in most instruments you could hand him.
He's Canadian born, representing with First Nations heritage and recently discovered he's also about 13% Japanese so there's a good chance both him and his ancestors have slept with your grandma... and your mom.